Apex Summer Program offers a wide selection of courses that meet the needs and interest of high school student and has been designed for international high school students wishing to have a short term study experience in Canada. Students have great opportunity to enhance their learning through a short-term credit course.

Apex Summer Program offers students with the option to take up to four credit courses through our summer school option; each full credit course is 110 hours and each half-credit course is 55 hours as specified by the Ministry of Education.

Summer School Schedule

OptionOne MonthTwo Weeks
1July 3 – July 31
(Morning and evening classes are available)
July 3 – July 16
2July 17 – July 31
3August 2 – August 29
(Morning and evening classes are available)
August 2 – August 16
4August 16 – August 30

Apex International Academy uses an simple application

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